What skills do I need?

Anyone can work as an animator, but not everyone is a good animator.
You need the following qualities to be a good animator:

• Knowledge of foreign languages
As more languages you speak, as better you can communicate with our guests. You need to have a very good command of German because the majority of our guests are German speaking.

• Flexibility
You must be flexible in order to react in any situation. Even in times of stress you should not lose self-control but to deal with the situation with a smile.

• Endurance
The job as an animator is not easy. Keeping the good mood for 6 months, from morning till evening, day after day, is a challenge for many people.

• Friendly and open behavior
To attract attention, but not to be the center of attention! Having approach to the people is a must in the Animation. You should entertain guests openly and with great pleasure.

• Special skills
Experience as an Animator is not always required. If you can dance, sing, decorate, moderate, enjoy working with people or have special talents…this is your capital.

• Personal qualities

- Enjoy working with people
- Team spirit and organizational skills
- Sociable person
- No family commitments
- Endurance, especially under extreme weather conditions
- Independence and responsibility
- Spontaneity and flexibility

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